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Team Building and Corporate Training are the centerpieces of professional development and have been our passion and focus since 1991: not just doing it right but doing it better. We set the bar high, have never stopped raising it, keep our promises, and refuse to promise what we can’t deliver.

Using a client-centric approach, we work collaboratively with you to design customized programs that meet your objectives, reflect your culture, and prepare you to succeed and achieve more. In every case we’ll equip you with the tools and leadership skills to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and confidently apply what you learn back in the workplace.

Our superbly skilled facilitators are part of our nationwide and international network, and are recognized and respected for their experience, dedication, unrivaled accomplishment and the ability to exceed expectations. We’re seasoned pros that understand that while courage and innovation keep us nimble, fresh and relevant, disciplined best practices drive lasting results for our clients. Relentless and comprehensive attention to service forms the foundation of our client relationships, which we value above all else.

We’ve executed programs across the country and around the world, consistently of the highest standards that have always set Adventure Associates apart and always will.

Ravee Dharmendra

Trainer & Consultant

The Founder member of XTREEM ADVENTURE (product owned by First World Ventures) & Director of Programs. A qualified mountain & bolder climber certified by Singapore Mountaineering Federation ( Top Belay Level 2 & Abseiling Level 2 ) & a avid recreational diver licensed by Professional Association of Diving Instructors (AUSTRALIA) as a Rescue Diver. He has been travelling extensively for 16 years from various departments in the Hospitality Industry among some Food & Beverage and Sales & Marketing department of various hotels & resorts throughout South East Asia. His passion for travels has encouraged to painstakingly obtain certification as an Official City & Nature Tourist Guide certified by Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia.

Upon his return to Malaysia, he became obsessed that Malaysians should emphasize on Nature Outdoor Education to obtain a healthy wellbeing lifestyle. As a hobby, he acquired recognized international qualifications from local & international institutions in Outdoor Safety, Search and Rescue Technics & his adventure related self-management including Wilderness Paramedic Medicine; in particular High Altitude Medicine & Physiology. The positive situation took a drastic turn when response increased from corporate bodies seeking his Do-It-Yourself team building programs that sold like hot cakes!

He is one of a very few highly qualified DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Obstacles Outdoor Trainers & Constructers in the country. His involvement in outdoor development training for the private & public sectors has provided the experience & recognition as a able trainer in team building development programs particularly in Challenge Ropes Course & Initiative Tele-Match Games & in these recent years, popular for his DIY Portable Corporate Adventure Programs. He continues to developed portable mobile modules of incorporated Ropes Obstacles Courses & Indoor Challenge training games with outdoor fun learning corporate training activities.

As a keen outdoor person of extensive expedition experiences, he has climbed the Kullu Valleys off Himalaya, Base Camp 2 of Everest & various South East Asia peaks (Korat Range of Thailand, Titiwangsa Range of Malaysia, Pinatubo & Taal of Philippines, Sumatera Peaks, research on wildlife animals in Southern Thailand (Ko Bulon Group of Islands), scuba diving with whales off the Andaman & taking photograph of nurse sharks off the Philippines sea. The list goes on..

As for calming the soul, he makes it a point to collaborate regular kids with various Orphanage Children Homes every term school holiday for team building activities & seeing into their wellbeing. His informal approach allows participants to relax and shed their patience. He believes that Outdoor education is utmost important for upbringing of good citizens in Malaysia & practical “Urban Survival”. Since 2010, he managed to convince corporate bodies to venture into Adapt-Active-Kids from orphanage homes for “Corporate-Kids-Teamwork” Programs.

He completes the identity of Xtreem Adventure Team Building as a total one-stop Outdoor cum Indoor Training Provider when he acquired the Climbing certifications of Sports Roping Technology from his quarterly overseas training into local training outdated modules. With his specialization in Challenge Ropes Course training, he has built several Challenge Rope courses for the Corporate Training Programs in which takes him to Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines & Singapore. Most lately expected to construct In-House Obstacles Corporate Theme Parks modules in Vietnam.

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